Bizarre Lingerie is all about self expression, inclusivity and sensuality. We design lingerie that is made to be for you, to make you feel like a baddie. Bizarre is for all.

Created in 2019, Bizarre blends its inspiration from a wide spectrum to create pieces that are sleek, expressive with a real edge to them. 

This is a one woman show, all pieces are designed, sewn and packed by designer Jana Fuss. Every piece of Bizarre Lingerie is made with utmost love and care. 


As a brand Bizarre value is based upon inclusivity, acceptance and self expression.

Bizarre is about making lingerie for all, opening up the designs of our lingerie to be inclusive of all bodies. For us, lingerie isn’t about sticking to normative ideals. It’s about making one feel empowered, expressive and sensual in your own skin, no matter what form that comes in. Bizarre wants to create a space that allows for anyone to feel comfortable and accepted to express themselves as their most confident self.